Expert Tips for Flawless Job Application Submissions

Job applications must have these documents in this order before submitting your job application. Make sure your cover letter is on the front, resume/CV, qualifications and then references.

If you will submit your job application in hard copies, ensure to have all the documentations stapled securely so that it doesn’t come off easily. Do this before placing them in the envelop. Make sure your cover letter is on the front. The address must always be correct. The next document after the cover letter should be your CV or Resume. Then your recent educational qualification/certification and transcript at the back. Other credentials should follow suit. Then you end it with three written reference letters.


Again, place them in this order before stapling them and placing them inside the envelope.

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Resume or CV
  3. Educational Qualifications: the latest certificate should be accompanied with its transcript
  4. Other credentials
  5. Written reference letters

Other things to be mindful of is having the correct address of your potential employer on the front of the envelope. Your application is then ready to be hand delivered.

Do not just clip your documents together using a paper clip



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Expert Tips for Flawless Job Application Submissions

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If you’re are submitting your application via email or through online job application portals, it is also advisable to have all your documentations scanned in the order stated above. Have them all merged into one file before submitting.

Ensure the file size is not too big, it might cause inconvenience for you to send and also for the recruiter to receive it.

The simple reason for that is, the person who receives your job application is not always the person to make the final decision on your potential employment. Your application will go through several other persons before a final decision is made. Therefore, through the recruitment process, you need all your papers to be together until a final decision is reached. Adding to that, not all decision makers have the luxury of time to go back and forth to confirm your credentials so help make their decision making easy.

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