Getting a job is a lengthy process, and it is exactly that- a process that involves careful planning, implementation and control. You may have everything going for you: a respectable academic record, relevant job experience, several extracurricular activities, superior communications skills and demonstrate leadership qualities. Despite these, you still need to market yourself systematically and aggressively; after all, even the best products lie dormant on the retailer’s shelves unless marketed effectively.

The process of getting a job involves the same activities producers of goods and services use to develop and introduce their products into the market place. The only difference is that you market yourself, not a product or a service.


You are going to conduct research on how you are going to market your self-the product-by analyzing your personal qualities (performing a self-audit) and by identifying job opportunities that are compatible with your interest, goals, skills and abilities…

You are the “product”; you must know how to position yourself in the job market. The price component of your product-You- is the salary range and job benefits (Such as Health and life insurance, vacation time and retirement benefits) that you hope to receive. Promotion of your product-yourself-involves communicating with prospective employers through correspondence (advertising) job interviews (personal selling)

PNG Recruitment Box will guide you through the whole journey in your job search process. Always think big and positive and you will succeed in archiving your ultimate goal-a better job or your dream or even better your dream job.



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