Seeking Knowledge and Experience brings in the Money

Seeking Knowledge and Experience was originally posted on LinkedIn by Randolph Gewa as he wanted to share some tips and experiences to new job seekers.

  • Commitment: Work even with empty stomach or pocket

Randolph Gewa did his training with DoW (Department of Works) for 2 years basically as a volunteer. He wasn’t receiving any salary but never complained regardless.


“I could be paid just K250 after two to three months”, explained Gewa.

What he was really after was to learn and understand as much as he possibly could. Just learning would mean nothing, he sought to deeply understand why he was doing what he was asked to do.

Insight, knowledge and experience was what mattered to him. He knew earlier on that these are more important than salary. He know money would come later.



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  • Ask questions constantly and consistently

One thing he learnt earlier was that nobody knows everything. Gewa spoke of opening up and asking questions to anyone to gain insight.

“Asking a working colleague who is less qualified than you shouldn’t stop you. Remember they have more experiences than you”, says Gewa.

Your pride won’t take you anywhere.

One secret I would tell you is, you have to be a good observer and thief when it comes to gaining of skills and knowledge in a good professional way, stealing meaning absorb whatever you come across that will bring value into your career.

Randolph Gewa, LinkedIn 2023

Gewa closed off with a wonderful word of advice for Job Seekers to always being adaptable to their working environment even if it’s not their field of interest.

“Remember, experience is what you need.

“Build your CV up that’s the main reason employers are asking for experiences more than your qualifications.

“It’s better to start somewhere than doing nothing at all,” Gewa summarized.

Be confident about yourself and always have a high self esteem of yourself and your abilities. But be humble enough to accept correction.

People who always accept corrections are the ones progressing ahead of ones that are big headed.

Randolph Gewa, LinkedIn 2023

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    when their is a difficult situation, theirs always a way out and builds the person strong and brave. congratulations sir for sharing your good thoughts.

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