Bigger Better Job Vacancy Notices and More

Greetings Family! We are humbled to serve you jobs listings and as a result, we have gone out of our way to provide an upgrade to our website. This upgrade is to give you a bigger better job vacancy notice board among other heaps of features. Our avid followers, you may have noticed we’ve changed our website look and feel a bit during the past weeks trying out a few designs. We have been doing this to help serve you better. But we guarantee, this new look and feel is here to stay.

Purpose: Quality & Efficiency

A good product boasts quality. Its look and feel must be of the highest standards. That is what we’ve done with the website theme upgrade. We simply want you to have access to a quality product that is second to none.
We’re not only saying that its mobile friendly but its also beautiful for your eyes to look at. Its simple enough for you to just scroll in one direction with amazing cool colors and fonts that will ensure you don’t strain your eyes.
This upgrade also ensures to promote efficiency. We are here to connect you with your next employee. Our website is our office and we intend to make the process fast, smooth and stress free. We would like to keep it as simple as it is:
  1. See a job you’re interested in

  2. Open the job and find out about the requirements

  3. Apply for the job and wait to be contacted if you’re short-listed.

We are job seekers ourselves and we know how tiring it can be to go through all the sign up process just to find out that you’re not shortlisted for the job. Choose us, we’re here for you and we’re here to stay coz we’re 100% PNG Owned and Operated.

Future Plans: More Features

Firstly, this new look and feel of the website will be here still. We will however, make minor changes to see what features of the theme will work best for you. We may put advertisement banners as well as Featured Jobs on the sidebar and footer, etc.

Also, in the future, we’re planning on introducing a few more features to our website and services which will see to it that you get the best out of it. Right now, we’re keeping the features and services a secret. We will introduce them one by one as we launch them. We’re excited because these products and services are like none offered by our competition.



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Conclusions: Exciting Times

We live in an exciting era where technology is growing at a very fast rate. Most processes are now automated. What used to be done by humans in now done by machines. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t needed anymore. At the end of the day, machines will be machines. They will still need instructions from people. Jobs will be on the rise so keep watching our website to get notified.


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