I heal myself by fixing my old toxic patterns and achieve what you choose to focus on.
And to heal someone, we have to listen to them, people feel healed when they’re heard.
Love my mindset, take extra care of it, and change my own world.
My kindness has no motive, I’m kind because I’m kind, I’m already blessed.


Malala Catholic Secondary school

Start: 6/2/2018 End: 13/12/2019 Certification of lower secondary school

1.In the top 10 performing Grade 9 students
2. Grade 10 arwardee:
a) 1st in Religious education.
b) 1st in Social science
c) 2nd in Agriculture
d) 2nd in Mathematics
e) 3rd in Science
Top student in Science practical exam.

Sogeri National school of excellence

Start: 8th March 2020, End: 11th December 2021 Certification of Upper secondary

Gr 12 awardee: 2nd place in ICT
Having a GPA of 3.6

The National Polytechnic institute of Papua New Guinea

Start: 15th March 2022, End: (in school) Diploma in Mechanical engineering


Yangmur Land owner company ltd.

12/11/22 Welder( casual)

The National Polytechnic institute of Papua New Guinea

11/09/23 EOY projects

Currently working on these projects, both initiated and executed my 5 membered team.1, Coffee grinder(automatic)
2, Installation of air conditioners.