1. Hello, my name is David Sino. I am a Papua New Guinean, regardless of my Province of heritage or tribe of origin which causes discrimination and division among us. I have recently graduated with my second diploma in Electrical Engineering Major in Electronics on 17 July 2023 from Polytechnic Institute Of Papua New Guinea. Additionally I also have a Diploma in Information Technology. I am a certified committee of the Tribal Foundation, Senisim PNG Program here in Lae.
    Being raised by a single parent, it took me almost ten years after completing Grade twelve in 2013 to finally get my Diploma. I have been though alot of struggles in my life to come this far. I am 30 years old and still single because of my determination to stay focused in my pursue of education.  It’s not that I am shelfish but I know that if I add more value to myself I can contribute more because life is bigger then me and I must do my part in giving back.
    After every thing I have been through, life thought me to two lessons that motivate and drives me this far. Firstly never to regret. I don’t like regretting. I would rather dwell on the lessons I learned instead of contaminating my conscience with negativity. Secondly, to live for others. To me, The purpose of life is to live for others. I believe that our skills and talents must be use to serve others. If you really look at it, the pleasure in giving is more satisfying then in receiving. Those are my codes in life. Furthermore,  I learned humility, integrity, honesty and to work hard to earn justly.
    Finally, in my field of studies I wish to serve local communities with  renewabl energy projects. I believe that renewable energy can help schools and hospitals in remote areas attain their daily needs. I have a couple of project proposals regarding the harvest of solar energy that I intend to work on in the near future. If I am considered, I will be thankful to be given such a wonderful opportunity to really reach out and do what I believe in.


Polytechnic Institute Of Papua New Guinea

February 2021/ July 2023 Diploma in Electrical Engineering

International Training Institute

February 2016/ June 2017 Diploma in Information Technology

Department Of Open And Distance Leaning

2014 Matriculation

Kerowagi Secondary School

2013 Grade 12

Kondiu Secondary School

2009 Grade 10