My name is Elizabeth Ngolo, 30 – from Manus Province, and I am an Extension Officer for Agri Markets Focus – Oustpan LTD.  I have over 4 years of working experiences and I enjoy utilizing my technical skills and knowledge to encourage, support and empower self-reliant growers to make a profit so that agriculture become sustainable.  I graduated from PNG University of Natural Resources and Environment in 2015, with a bachelor’s degree in Tropcal Agriculture. I am committed towards my duties and confident that I can contribute to the growth and success of organizations by utilizing my skills and knowledge, learning and participating in programs offered.


PNG University Of Natural Resources and Environment

2011 - 2014 Bachelor' degree in Tropical Agriculture

Papitalai Secondary School

2009 - 2010 Upper Seconday Certificate - Gr. 12

Papitalai Secondary School

2007 - 2008 Lower Seconday Certificate - Gr. 12



August 2021 - Current Extension Officer

Duties Performed;
• Surveyed and Registered Coffee Farmers from selected Districts in Chimbu and Eastern Highlands into Olam Farmers Information System (OFIS)
• Co-Facilitated Coffee Technical Trainings plus Social Inclusive Trainings
• Data Based Management – OFIS Power User and Data Entry duties
• Field Forms Preparation and Field Trip Reporting
• GPS Mapping – Map Editing & Photographing
• CBB Monitoring

Research & Conservation Foundation - PPAP Coffee Project

July - December 2019 Project Coordinator

Duties Performed;
• Coordinated Project Operation for 611 Crater Coffee Farmers at Ubaigubi, Maimafu, Abigarama and Mengino Village. Tasks Included:
• Developed Work Plans and Implemented Project activities
• Handled & Managed Project Budgets & Staff Payrolls
• Executed logistic tasks and travel arrangement
• Analysed & managed Project Data Base, Annual Reports and updated Project Cash-Book, successfully submitted to Project Management Unit on 13th December 2019.
• Task delegation for 3 Extension Officers & 6 Field assistance and ensured project objectives were achieved
• Negotiated & Liaised with Joint Partners for Goods & Services Provision
• Prepared Power Point Presentations and Facilitated Staff Meeting and Trainings
• Participated in Project MEL

Research & Conservation Foundation - PPAP Coffee Project

July 2017 - July 2019 Extension Officer

Duties Performed;
• Implemented Project Activities for 331 Ubaigubi Coffee Farmers including other 3 Communities through:
• Distributing Coffee Materials
• Co-Facilitated Farmer Trainings on Coffee Agronomy Practices, Personal Viability, Financial Literacy & Farm Record Keeping, Gender Equality, HIV/Aids, Group Management, PRAP & Certification Program
• Conducted Household Survey & village mapping – collecting GPS waypoints
• Participated in Trainings Conducted By RCF, PPAP & Joint Partners
• Organized 3 Coffee Groups/Association at Ubaigubi for Certification Program. Total of 54 Ubaigubi Farmers’ Coffee Gardens Rehabilitated, Inspected and Registered to be Certified by Naasa Organic Group –*Certification Issuance Pending*.
• Supervised 3 Ubaigubi Fields Assistants on data collections
• Settled Land Dispute among Ubaigubi Locals for Coffee Warehouse Construction – Successfully Constructed & Opened on 11th Dec 2019.
• Settled Payment issues for Warehouse Contractors at Maimafu village
• Regularly visited and assessed Farmers’ Progress

Research & Conservation Foundation - PPAP Coffee Project

February 2017 - July 2019 Data Entry Clerk

Duties Performed;
• Handled & managed Cash Request, Per Diems, Acquittals, Record Keeping & Reporting, facilitated Procurement & Purchased Goods and Services.
• Screened and Analysed incoming Field Data & Ensured Data Traceability and entered data onto Master Data Base and Coffee Information Management System (CIMS)
• Compiled Field Reports & Submitted to Project Coordinator
• Prepared compiled meeting minutes and field trip materials including forms and templates
• Often Assisted and Facilitated Extension Activities