My name is Gaita Mogia, I am in my final year of a Bachelor of Business Management at Divine Word University, majoring in Business Management. I have a strong interest in business management service, where I hope to put my interests and learning into practice.

KPMG is a company of particular interest to me. From my research I am aware of the organization’s emphasis on working creatively as a team to solve clients’ business problems. This philosophy resonates with me as it engenders trust and long term client relationships and would allow me to apply the communication, teamwork and problem solving skills I have developed through both my studies and experience.

I have developed excellent oral and written communication skills through my coursework and work experience in secretary job and casher. In addition, I am able to work well with other people. My role as the supervisor of the Business Ethics group for Open Day (DWU 2016) I was required to encourage and motivate my team members, and I was able to build relationship very quickly with the group assigned to me. The range of extracurricular activities and my academics performance shows that I have good communication and time management Skills. My academic work requires high level of numerical ability, attention to detail, presentation skills, and communication skills. My IT skills are well developed as a result of this. I see all these qualities as relevant to the role of management.


Divine Word University

Feb - end of October 2018 Business Management


Snol Auma - Security

2014 -16 Holidays Secretary

Nov- Dec 2016
Nov- Dec 2014
Snol Auma – Secretary
• Professional letter writing
• Effective phone communication skills
• Effective listening and speaking skills with professional bodies