I am very friendly to all that I come into contact with
every day. I take everybody to be as important
and unique as myself and most important of all, I
respect everybody’s views on National, Political
and Spiritual interests. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
I also believe that respect is a two way thing, if you
have respect for other people no matter their status in society, you will also
gain respect from them.
Honesty to me is a character that can never be bought or sold. If a person is
compromised, that individual has his/her honesty sold.
If something under my watch can be fixed from common sense, I will do
it, but if it is beyond my reach in terms of knowledge and technical aspect,
then I call on the people concerned to come and fix it. I like reading books and
I encourage people around me to have time to read. Reading is the key to
Developing individual mind.


  • Computer literate
  • Driver class (06)
  • MS Access
  • Ms Excel
  • MS Power point
  • Ms Word



1998/2003 Bachelors Degree