Iam a highly Communicative individual with Strong interpersonal skills , effective Communication skills,confident presentation ability,and the ability to adapt to working in a team environment or alone with minimal supervision.Iam motivated by challenges, astute, dedicated and can effectively manage challenges presented in given tasks.Iam able to communicate effectively in English and pidgin/tok pisin and this is due to my personal demeanor that presents me


  • organizational skills
  • strong communication skills
  • strong interpersonal skills
  • time management skills


Ginigoada Foundation Inc

12/06/2019-25/06/2019 Certificate in Financial Literacy Skills

Refer to the CV attached

PNG University of Technology

02/02/2012-20/09/2014 Communication for development studies

Refer to the CV attached campus

02/02/2009-20/10/2010 Transcript

Refer to the CV attached

Mogol Secondary school

02/02/2007-29/10/2008 Higher school certificate

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PNG University of Technology

02/02/2011-12/12/2011 Customer Service Representative

Casual.Please refer to the CV attached

Pacific Assurance Group Limited -In liquidation

12/11/2014-29/07/2015 Data entry operator

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Cascade Apartment Limited

12/12/2015-12/12/2019 Administration officer

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World Vision International PNG

04/04/2022-29/09/2022 Administration and logistics officer

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