Geospatial Information Science (GIS), Logistics, Administration, Accounts. A person who gets my hands dirty when there is a need in any of the above mentioned fields. I have the skills to:
Create maps and map products, and metadata compilation; GIS Modelling and Analyzing; GIS data systems designing and management; remote Sensing and data analysis; research and writing; Negotiation/communication and critiquing; public relations; handle cash and employee wages; managing employees and camps; operating logistical services- flights and travel, purchase and procurement; design mineral exploration operational systems- accounts, logistics, purchasing, travel, and inventory; and training and mentoring.


  • and metadata compilation
  • Creating Maps and Map Products
  • Developing and maintaining Geological and other
  • GIS Data systems designing and management
  • GIS Modelling and Analysing
  • Negotiation/communication and critiquing
  • Remote Sensing and data analysis
  • Research and Writing


Flinders University, Australia

2015-2017 Master of Geospatial Information Science

Divine Word University, Madang

2009-2011 Bachelor of Management

University of Technology,LAE

2002-2006 Bachelor of Cartography