Research and experience have showed us the first hurdle that job seekers run into are resume related. The main one being not knowing how to write one or even a good resume. That’s why, PNG Recruitment Box gives you the online resume builder. A tool that will address and put to rest once and for all your resume woes.

  • Because we understand how difficult it can be to make a CV that’s simple yet speak volumes about you.
  • Because a resume is your first impression. You don’t want to mess it up.
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Maximum file size: 1 MB.
Here's where you're given the opportunity to tell the world about you. Write something about yourself that would make you the ideal candidate for the job you're applying for. Write something about your personality, your attitude and character. How has your personal character helped you in your life experiences?
+ Add Education List your professional/educational qualifications from the most recently attained.
Upload certificates which you've attained so far
Maximum files: 5.
Maximum file size: 12 MB.
Optionally upload your resume for employers to view. Max. file size: 256 MB.


Creating a resume automatically creates an account for you on our website for free. You can add up to 5 resume’s. You can use any resume which you’ve created on our website to apply for any job that’s advertised. That right there is “recruitment made easier“.